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Moscow Airports

There are three major airports in Moscow: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo. All international airlines come to Sheremetyevo international airport, to Domodedovo international airport or to Vnukovo international airport. All airports are easily accessible at any day and night time. All airports are connected with Moscow downtown by modern speedways (Aeroexpress trains). 

Sheremetyevo airport http://www.svo.aero/en/transit/rules

Domodedovo airport  http://www.domodedovo.ru/en/main/getting/1/

Sheremetyevo international airport is located 30 km from the city. Domodedovo international airport is 35 km from the center.

The best choice to get to the Moscow downtown is Airoexpress trains which operate between airports and metro stations. Their departure from the airports is every 30 minutes.

Airoexpress train from Sheremetyevo international airport arrives at Belorussky Railway Station closely connected with Belorusskaya metro station. Travel time is 35 minutes. The price of one way ticket is 320 rubles (about 11$).

Airoexpress train from Domodedovo international airport goes non-stop to Paveletsky railway station and thus arrives at Paveletskaya metro station. Travel time is 50 minutes. Fare is 320 rubles (about 11$).

Please note that there are serious traffic jams in Moscow (especially in the morning and evening rush hours), so we recommend you to use the high speed trains to Moscow Center from the airport and the subway for moving around the city.

Moscow Metro

The Metro is very efficient and allows you to skip Moscow traffic-jams saving you both money and your time. The Moscow metro is the main public transport service in the capital carrying more than half of all city passengers. Many metro stations and ticket halls represent historical, cultural and architectural monuments and are protected by the government.

Metro stations are open for passengers daily from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Currency and money

The official monetary unit in Russia is rouble (1$ is about 30 roubles). All the prices are given in roubles and it is prohibited by the law to accept any other currency except the national one.

It is recommended to take US Dollars or Euros and to use authorized Exchange offices in banks and hotels rather than small exchange offices around the city (there are risks they will try to cheat you).

For exchange rates see: http://www.xe.com/

Payment cards

Payment cards – especially Visa and Mastercard – are widely accepted by shops and restaurants in Moscow.

Time in Moscow

GMT + 3


Many Moscow restaurants have their own Wi-Fi hot spots which can be used by their visiters for free.